Redhots Pomeranians - Red hot poms sells geneticly defective dogs

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Cynthia stickler at red hot poms in roseburg Oregon sold a Pom puppy to me for 1800.00 as a show prospect/breeding asset.It has been confirmed by 3 vteranarins that she is in fact a hermaphrodite and has grade 3 patellas!

Cynthia has been nothing but rude and refuses to make the dog good in anyway. Beware of ths breeder she is not ethical!.. I also understand I am not the only person that she has done this to.

She is aware of the intubation but misleads you o think she has quality poms.She states once you pick it up it's not her problem do no matter what she ships you Cynthia will not stand behind it or make it good.

Review about: Defective Pet.


Roseburg, Oregon, United States #688120

Kringle was a healthy dog when he left on his flight it was confirmed by me, my vet, and shown to you in a video...what has happened in the month he has been with you is by no means my responsibility...

he may have been dropped, fallen, I do not know. My contract clearly states the buyer is responsible for all vet costs to care for their new pet... Though very unfortunate. I would take up your problem with the airline..

he was walking great when he pottied before his flight.

NO Breeder xrays a puppie when there is no visual reason to.I really hope he recovers well and continues to be the incredible little guy he is.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #681740

She sold my family a dog that has birth defects. The poor dog could barely walk when we received him, and he had ear mites and an ear infection. We hoped it was only the ear infection that was causing him to fall down.

The poor little guy just finished a $5,000.00 operation on his neck due to a birth defect, but there is no support from Cynthia because, "her car is broke down and she doesn't have the money to fix it".

She is a person of low character and morals and should be avoided.

Does anyone know who I should contact to report improper breeding practices in Oregon?

to You know who I am Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States #838336

Contact the Oregon Attorney Generals office and report her. That's what I did. She is ruthless and should be put out of business.

to You know who I am #838340

Report her to the Oregon Attorney General's office. That's what I did and they were very helpful in my issue with her and made her comply with the agreement we had when I bought the very expensive puppy from her. I believe they have a file on her because there had been another complaint against her with them.


I have been a show/breeder for 15 years.First as Oregon Poms now as De'Ja' vu Pomeranian's .

I have bought 2 Poms from Cindy Sickler RedHot Pomeranian's A female puppy and a young male. Both were healthy clean happy Poms. Cindy did not deceive me in any way and I am very happy with my Poms from her.

I have seen her kennel and can say that when I was there all the dogs were clean and well cared for.Sandra Baker De'Ja' vu Pomeranian's


Anonymous?Why don't she put her name?

She's a loser! Give me a break she is just trying to cause problems out of nothing.

Cynthia is a well respected breeder and has beautiful poms.This persons lies will not stop me from buying a pom from her.


Really, YourAHorriblePerson I am suppose to have had you here at my home ?? I don't believe we have ever even met. Or do you fly to Oregon often from Alabama break into a closed locked Facility and then into the house??


Never buy a dog from this person!Cynthia Sickler keeps her dogs in filth!

She has way to many! All her dogs should be taken away from her. Disgusting living conditions.

Her dogs are not healthy.She is an animal hoarder.


Puppies are not sweaters!Breeders on internet are not responsible people they should meet the parents of their puppy!

The buyer should also want to meet breeder see kennel and meet the parents!

This sight unseen is weird anyone can post pictures.miss represent themselves.i bought sick puppy from store then did my reseach never again!

to adopt dont shop! #729264

Oh now seriously FEAR is your main motivator????Come on people, dont jump on the AR band wagon and lump all breeders together thats like saying all parents are bad when a child gets abused.

There are rescue/adoption places out there that are *** on earth and the natiest places on earth for dogs. My son worked at one place and he came home emotionally upset and very disgusted becuase he had never seen dogs kept in conditions like that, so dont go EVEN there.....The press Peta AND THE hsus has villified breeders IN THEIR HEART WRNECHING COMMERCIALS so breeders are just wrong and bad right off the bat BUT did you know that PETA and the HSUS have no animalshelter of their own and 17 million dollars in the bank and a higher kill rate putting animals to sleep than ANY other prganization there is! Ya know what they save their money for LOBBYING in WASHINGTON so people when ya give money hearing im the arms of the angels.........know that the only thing in the arms of demons is YOUR MONEY! They arent using it for the animals thats for sure!!!.....I feel its all about whos running any facility (breeder, rescue, or national organizations) and what kind of ethics you have as a person to begin with.

Get a brain people, and be objective think with your head not your emotions BUT if you see cruelty report it.

There are bad rescues bad breeders bad vets bad organizations....judge each one by its condtions and merits NOT by a title!!!But dont sit around whining...

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This Woman makes threats every 3 months that she is going to fly out and take me to court. Never has. Would love the opportunity to counter her legal claim with both libel and Slander.

She has provided no proof from a vet let alone 3 vets, of any type and will not send back the dog who she purchased in August of 2011 and she is still putting up her ridiculous claim.

Look it up though Hermaphrodites do happen it is an incredibly rare anomaly.

Her complaints were not made for months after she had my puppy. Whom my vet has written documentation on all points of question before shipment.

The female pom was sold as a show prospect I NEVER sell a puppy with any suggestion they are "Breeding assets" and this is the first I have ever heard of that term. In fact I very strongly tried to impress that since the puppy was only charting to be 4 pounds as an adult I did not recommend her for anything but show.

I sold my female puppy (believe me she was all girl when she was put on the to a person who represented herself as a small breeder new to both showing and the breed. I do an email search to make sure that my buyers are not some big puppy mill.

I later found out by doing a search based on the address she had me put on the health certificate for shipping, the one I later sent her certified papers too. She was using a false email so she could hide her breeding kennel. She is in fact a LARGE chihuahua breeder.


The $1800 included shipping and she contacted me when Peaches arrived Delighted with her.

Being the LARGE chihuahua breeder she is. Whom I seriously doubt guarantees patellas herself.... like most toy breeders myself included. She was told the line does occasionally have a bad patella at worst usually a grade 2. Never has there been surgical need for repair or has it effected the poms i have bred lives.

I guarantee my puppies to be free of life threatening genetic defaults, the guarantee clearly states that I will replace the puppy as soon as possible. She has not asked for a replacement she just wants me to take her word keep the puppy and me to send her $1800 dollars.

Since Peaches can be shown and will not die.... my guarantee is still valid. Peaches was sold to a woman who miss represented herself to me. The state attorneys office if she bothered to contact them would ask for her me for her AKC papers. Which I would promptly send to them.

I would not have sold my little girl to someone with as many dogs as she has... In fact so many she did not notice that the puppy is a "hermaphrodite" for months.

It saddens me that my poor little Peaches is not where I know she is safe and happy. I do a much more thorough check on my puppy buyers now :(

If you disagree with me it is fine.... I do not believe this womans claims and since most everything else she has told me have been half truths, then followed by attempts of Bullying.

I believe her record and mine stands for them selves :D

LOL Happy...she doesn't even spell my name right. It is Cynthia Sickler with Redhot Pomeranians.

I do not recommend selling a puppie to this woman and if you would like to ask me. Please feel free to go to my website and email me. I will not give you her name but if you have a sale you think may be fishy. send me the name and I will tell you yes of no. God forbid this woman gets anymore dogs from anyone.

I have copied this statement and will copy and paste it to anyone who inquires. I want people to know that this is my side of the story and it will not be embellished or changed. Feel free to read the other complaints this woman has made all over the web. changing every time :D

Best Regards

Cynthia Sickler

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to Cynthia Sickler #729271

Tell her to show you a vet report WITH xrays to PROVE its congenital or leave it alone!


So we are supposed to believe an anonymous complainer from Austin Tx who claims they bought a puppy from an OREGON breeder, and then slams them by name?

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